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Being a caretaker for a cockatoo is an enormous responsibility, one that can span decades and generations. Tragically — sometimes after a long and happy life — a cockatoo’s caretaker can become suddenly unable to care for the bird. The factors that can render a caretaker no longer available can be death, illness, loss of shelter, financial hardship, or any number of other circumstances, but the impact on the cockatoo is an emergency need for a safe place to be, with new caretakers. This program was created for the purpose of building a strong, supportive community of cockatoo people to help make sure that cockatoos do not end up in harmful situations, and to help caretakers develop plans for their birds long before an emergency rehoming has to happen.

The core idea behind 4the2s, is to help people establish succession plans for their cockatoos. The basic idea is that a person (or persons) agrees to become the caretaker for the bird if the current caretaker is no longer able to do so, whether that be the result of death or any other incapacitating circumstance. The main goal is to establish these relationships well before a change needs to be made. This allows for the current caretaker and future caretaker to get to know each other, and in ideal circumstances, for the future caretaker and the cockatoo to get to know one another and become comfortable while the bird is in its current home. We strongly encourage regular visits to help build relationships.

But the scope of our program extends further, recognizing other ways that strong communities can support people and cockatoos. We also want to help people find temporary foster care for their birds, boarding or in-home care for their cockatoos, and non-emergency rehoming. Additionally, we recognized that while cockatoos can live for many decades, their histories often do not accompany them. So we also want to use this platform to record caretaker histories for individual birds, to the extent they are known.

This program is not intended as a general communication platform since there are already excellent and well-established online discussion forums, although people are welcome to use it for discussions about anything cockatoo related.



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Connect with other caretakers and their cockatoos. Find people to help with short term caretaking needs or foster care. Share your experiences with rehoming and establishing succession plans. The platform is set up to accommodate profiles for each individual person and for each cockatoo, and we strongly encourage adding a caretaker history to each bird's bio. We also have profiles for organizations: sanctuaries, rescues, avian veterinary service providers, etc. Your information is never viewable to or shared with the public or anyone outside the network.
We are assembling a rich library of resources, including sample Succession Plans, Foster Care Agreements, and temporary Boarding Agreements. We will use the experience of the community to build a guide for vetting prospective caretakers, and suggestions for maintaining long term relationships. We do not offer legal advice, but we encourage people sharing their understanding and experience with legal considerations regarding birds.
Establish a succession plan for your cockatoo to help insure the long-term well being of your bird or become the established future caretaker to a cockatoo as part of a succession plan. These relationships are intended to be long-term, to be cultivated over time so that cockatoos do not find themselves in emergency rehoming situations, in the care of rescues,* or in other situations with strangers. *We have enormous respect for rescues, but we believe that enabling birds to go straight into new pre-approved homes is ideal.